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The hotel telephone the change and trend of development

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1. Hotel dedicated telephone consensus

With the constant improvement of the hotel management internationalization, China's hotel industry gradually form the concept of special phone, but due to very few domestic manufacturer, price lack of comparability, caused the phenomenon of prices artificially high, therefore only used in some high star hotel. In recent years, with the increase of hotel telephone manufacturer, continuously improve product quality, the price also gradually to rational, more and more chose the hotel special telephone.

2. The hotel phone increasingly homogenized

So-called hotel special telephone, technically is actually in the ordinary household telephone circuit with "speed dial key" and "message light" software, in terms of appearance than home phone line is simple, color is given priority to with monochromatic simple but elegant of beige, and black, this is the special hotel telephone. In today's communication technology extremely mature, hotel telephone has no real technical content, its quality mainly depends on whether to choose high quality components. In general, really hope to build a brand enterprise, especially the hotel appliances product line rich brand, will use high quality components, its product performance and the differences in the so-called "international brand" gradually narrowed, and highlight the "cost-effective" advantage.

3. The hotel phone function minimization


Due to the rapid development of mobile communication and multimedia products, mobile phones have spread, and low cost, the interpersonal contact between basically can be realized through mobile phones, the function of the hotel phone has been reduced to merely confined to the hotel network calls, this has been a lot of practical hotel manager know. Some high star hotel hope through cordless phone, or more configuration, sound alarm clock function, realize the hotel phone etc and personalization. But as a result of cordless and multi-function telephone technology content is higher, need high investment and certification fees, given the current hotel market narrow sex, independent production and unable to realize the scale production through scale production and high spending to ensure that the quality of the product. Some take the way of OEM brand, more difficult to guarantee the quality of the products, at the same time, the function of the hotel environment increase instead of decrease the stability of the product. Some configured a cordless phone hotel has its drawbacks. From what has been discussed above, we think the hotel really need is a "clear communication, stable performance, dedicated telephone, rather than the convenience of cordless phone and multi-function telephone to piece together a lot of" selling point ", this can reduce investment on one hand, on the other hand, reduce the failure rate function is too much. Communication needs even with the development of future hospitality industry, hotels will also tend to more stable, simple and save the direction of development, the hotel phone cordless, multimedia Only the demand of individual hotel, unable to transcend personal communications extremely rich contemporary brings convenience and comfort, the basic function of telephone will still be the mainstream of the hotel phone.