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Jinling group, guangzhou kinphon, hand in hand to build anhui jinling hotel new experience

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The famous brand in China jinling hotel management group, hotel, anhui, jinling hotel is was tried in December 2012, the guangzhou jian feng company in anhui jinling hotel room dedicated more than 300 deluxe guest rooms provide electric kettle, hair dryer, and a full set of guest room materials, with advanced design concept, professional quality, exquisite craft, build new for the hotel guest room new experiences.

1, guangzhou kinphon help anhui jinling hotel, build the hotel appliances new experiences

Guangzhou kinphon hotel has been committed to the innovation and production of electrical products, is a professional hotel appliance manufacturer, especially in the industry the only designed for hotel design, the production of special electric kettle, with its professional quality, special appearance, convenient and clean, stable performance and other unique advantages in the hotel industry leading level, to become an international hotel special-purpose electric kettle's iconic products. Through 15 years of hotel special electronics research and development, production as well as to the pursuit of high quality products, accumulated a profound understanding of hotel appliances specificity and particularity and rich production experience, explained the jian hao electric appliance "quality, dedicated, contracted, details and harmonious" the product idea, established the kinhao brand of high-end hotel appliances product positioning, guangzhou kinphon with excellent service, to the hotel with the highest quality, has been well received by many hotels management group with the owner.

Anhui jinling hotel is located in hefei binhu new area, is invested by anhui yinqiao hotel co., LTD., invested by five-star hotel standard, entrusted nanjing jinling hotel management co., LTD. Management of a business type hotel. Kinhao with high quality products, stable performance, professional experience, high cost performance and perfect after-sales service system, etc., after the hotel investors and management of preliminary examination, review and comprehensive review of multiple links such as comparison, through the hotel investors and jinling group strict and comprehensive investigation, and with a clear advantage in the bidding to surpass other bidding manufacturers, in the end, signing on comprehensive hotel investors and jinling group of recognition and praise.

2, city, "jinling"

Nanjing jinling hotel management company is China's leading hotel chain operation of professional bodies, have high star "jinling hotel chain and economical chain hotel two brands" golden village ". Company grows along with China's hotel industry marketization, more than 20 years to accumulate and summarizing the successful experience of international hotel management into mature, on the basis of a unique place in the market competition of the hotel chain business, rapid development and remarkable achievements, formed by the international trade of respect and praise management style and the "jinling" brand. At present, "jinling" operates 98 international hotel chains and 12 gold takes a chain hotels, multiple cities and regions throughout the country. In 2009, "jinling" was named "China's top 20 national brands in the hotel industry" 3rd, and successfully into HOTELS magazine "the top 50 global hotel group".

3, eagerly anticipates the development trend, closely hand in hand

Since 2006, the guangzhou kinphon reached a close partnership with jinling hotel group, is in the jinling hotel group for trusted supplier of high quality hotel electrical terminal product, and have been successful for jinling hotel group, different class hotel Kinhao jian hao products. Such as:, hefei hong rui jinling hotel nanjing jinling hotel, changzhou, jiangsu wuxi jinling hotel too bay jinling hotel, etc.