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In the battle of high-end hotel brand create personalized brand

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Since 2013, the domestic hotel market spread, local hotels and overseas hotel groups battle for control of high-end hotel market in quietly, then staged is in high-end hotel market brand.

Since 2013, the domestic hotel market system. First the government's anti-corruption wind and enterprise to reduce travel and meetings, the hotel industry business fell; Then, local hotels and overseas hotels for high-end hotel market in war started quietly, then staged is in high-end hotel market brand.

In the great war, the rise of emerging in the local high-end hotel brand is most impressive. Platinum tao hotel group was founded in July this year of relief launched four new hotel brand, high-end positioning of the "platinum tao fei nuo" first to focus on building the rooms slogan, it puts forward a new type of MINI five-star hotel concept broke the bureau of collection on the market. "Our best attention to the most pure housing demand, focus on building the ultra five-star rooms configuration, weaken the traditional low utilization in the high-end hotels, more expensive facilities and public areas. This is our platinum tao fei to reconstruct a five-star hotel." Platinum tao fei, vice President of global brand hotel xiao-li lu said.

Refactoring a five-star hotel


Hotel industry overall management difficult this year


For domestic hotel industry, in 2013, is a hard year.


China hotel association published the 2013 China hotel industry development report shows that the 1-4 month this year, China's total revenue fell 16.43%, compared to the whole industry average rents fell 9.31% year on year, the average house prices fell 7.2% year on year, the overall revenue, catering sales fell by 17.25%, compared to the guest room sales fell 9.57%, data down across the industry as a whole management, enterprise overall management difficult.


The China hotel association cases.surgery, according to the analysis result in the main reason for the decline in operating data, the whole industry limited is a "three consumption", the second is the overall consumer market lower. Most obviously, the limited "three consumption", after a sharp fall in the number of hotels and catering meeting consumer. The report pointed out that the 1-4 month this year, China's hotel industry in the nature of most meetings are in business meetings, proportion is as high as 64%, other types include exhibition training, association club meeting, etc. The most obvious change is that the largest decline of government meeting, used to be the government meeting of the "main force" accounts for more than 13%, year-on-year, at 37.94%, it also indirectly lead to 100-300 and 300-300 large scale meeting fell by 16.98% and 18.13%.


"The government really reduced the three-fair consumption, senior fete is reduced, can no longer go to four-star and five-star hotels, big influence on us." Kaiyuan Chen Miaolin tourism group chairman, said he was at the helm of the kaiyuan tourism group with more than 140 hotels, all is the four-star and five-star. Hui xian industry trust announced earlier, the grand hyatt Beijing and shenyang lido sofitel hotel in the first half of this year net income is only 84 million yuan, according to the year fell 47.8%, one of the reasons is the central effects caused by implementing restrictions for hospitality policy.


The economic downturn environment also makes the hotel industry is the important factor. GuangZhiLv reservation, according to data during the Canton fair this year each star hotel prices rise only about 20% - 20% on average, to rise above narrowed twenty percent year on year. China hotel, Oriental hotel, each room are not fully booked many 5-star hotels in the pearl river new town "empty room for".


Su Yingshan GuangZhiLv e-commerce headquarters, deputy general manager, said economic environment leads to participating merchants cut is the main reason most of the hotel during the Canton fair rate is low, the surge in guangzhou hotel resources is one of the reasons. At present, four five-star hotels in guangzhou ultra hundred, hotel beds increase from last year more than 2000 this year.


Differentiation competition intensified obviously


With the sustained and rapid growth of national economy and accelerating consumption upgrade, the hotel industry competition is intense, homogenized competition become its main characteristics. On the one hand, in recent years, the quick construction of domestic high-grade hotel, on the other hand, intercontinental, the ritz Carlton, st. Regis, the ritz, park hyatt, the four seasons such as top brand full access to the international hotel group, is bound to China hotel high-end customers market produce important influence on the distribution of the original, high-end hotel competition. Relevant data shows, at present, our country nearly 1.5 star-rated hotel, shop number in recent years has maintained 20% growth, thousand city side are instead of "five star", "super five-star hotel. China tourism academy dean dai bin, said "the hotel industry at the same time of maintaining high-speed growth, will further subdivided market, differentiation would obviously is growing competition, the future competition will be more manifested in the hospitality industry culture characteristics such as differentiated competition."


This year on July 17, platinum hotel group formally established. By the world's largest investment fund Carlyle group, sequoia capital and actis together to form a platinum tao hotel group, launched a new "platinum tao fei nuo" high-end hotels.


Platinum tao fei hotel brands is derived from the seaport town of Italy Portofino. It was with Genoa, four large private domain, "Roman holiday" Gregory parker and Audrey Hepburn in the romantic place, is now a top celebrities and Hollywood stars face the spirit of the holy land. Is the first domestic extraction Italian design elements of high-end hotel brand. Platinum xiao-li lu tao fe hotel brands of vice President, said: "the hero brand story, is a prosperous city in the success of the successful people, but the hustle and bustle, let his heart deeply tired, eager to escape from this annoying city, one day, he went to the heart of free net, looking for belong to one's own mind - Portofino town. We believe that there are a lot of consumers as well as our protagonist, hope to be able to listen to their own heart to beautiful yearning, platinum tao fei he represents the consumers concern of heart enjoy private feelings, we take such a unique experience to China, bring people need it in the city."


"Compared to the traditional five-star hotel mainly in hardware standard lot, we pay more attention to the user experience of five-star accommodation, popular, is to create a new type of MINI five-star hotel concept." Platinum tao fei's global President hotel 黄骥 said that as China's first focus on building brand of top class hotel luxurious rooms, platinum tao fei, following the famous Italian seaport town Portofino principle of return to a pure life, instead of the excessive luxury, to redefine the five-star hotel, our best attention to the most pure housing demand, focus on building the ultra five-star rooms configuration, weaken the traditional low utilization in the high-end hotels, more expensive facilities and public areas.


"600 yuan to 1000 yuan in the high-end hotel market, there are broad market space. To develop this market, has always been my dream." 黄骥 said, "the era of development to promote consumer upgrades, consumers no longer pay attention to the function of the large pure enjoyment, rather than the pursuit of personalized and emotional value, high quality accommodation. Our platinum tao's decision to feature with its unique way of life, arrived in spiritual home, deep in the hearts of every person to a feast to the thought."


Creativity and individuality is a platinum tao's DNA, platinum tao fei's creativity, and combining the characteristics of the hotel industry, constantly create consumer inner sense of worth, has the personality of the hotel brand, really meet consumers' lives of their favorite hotel, conform to your personality "deep need.


According to understand, platinum tao fei hotel interior design in the field of global ranking first in the HBA (he xi bei Dana joint hotel consultant co., LTD.) as the interior design partners, bend force to build super five-star configuration of the guest room. Platinum tao fei's room pricing in 600-1000 yuan per night, compared with relatively the same hotel, there is a clear price advantage, the user can enjoy unprecedented at a relatively low price of high-end, humanities, exclusive, honour enjoy the high quality of the hotel's high-end services.


Platinum tao fei's addition and subtraction


A hotel industry veteran said, traditional five-star hotel investment is too high, especially in the management of higher wages brought high cost, long vacation. Five-star hotel to hire some foreign salary of expensive foreign general, every year there are many holidays, men also have months of paternity leave, gave birth to a serious illness when the sudden illness can also take SOS services, to send helicopters to ferry. And, hardware leads to traditional five-star hotel operation cost is very high. Many large five-star hotel conference room the profit margin of 3%, energy consumption, maintenance cost is high.


"A decline in traditional inflated hotel cost, income, and maintenance cost is so high, increase a decreases, the natural decline in overall performance." Platinum tao fei, vice President of global brand xiao-li lu an interview with reporters, said recently at a hotel in Beijing on the BBS, the personage inside course of study is to explore the influence of five-star hotels, the consensus of all is the product to do subtraction, income to do addition and differentiation into competition.


Xiao-li lu said that platinum tao fei's brand is the development path of the guide line, create products again. Domestic too many five-star hotel, the room is very big, very luxurious, but did not take into account the consumer demand, a lot of public facilities are wasted, "consumers actually very clever, and with the requirements of personalized, value-added. Our hotel can match their needs, to fill the gap."


Platinum tao fei, puts forward a new type of MINI five-star hotel concept is the core of more focused on consumer demand, in 25 to 50 years old, highly educated of target consumer groups, some large but not too practical function do subtraction, remove the performance-to-price ratio is not high of the swimming pool, banquet hall, conference rooms and other low utilization rate of facilities, consumers don't have to pay for with less than function. For example a lot of the hotel will set up the department of laundry and ironing, but the majority of business travellers need when staying in a hotel is flat clothing ironing service, laundry needs little, platinum tao fei will provide fast ironing service according to the requirements of the core, to avoid a large amount of resources into the laundry.


"We focus on the lobby service, construction of small meeting rooms, weaken the unnecessary facilities. Full-time restaurants with different styles, screen space goes out can be used for business talks." Xiao-li lu said.


"We made investigation, expensive in a five-star hotel swimming pool, utilization rate is only three over one thousand, the utilization rate of bath crock is only 5%, and the five people has at least three Japanese; large banquet hall, multi-function hall and other facilities, utilization rate is also very low. So in our new model, these were cut off. For of, is we the guest room, the front desk and restaurant early wider, it is all in order to enlarge comfort."


For platinum tao fei's key to build super rooms, xiao-li lu described: more space, the pattern of 6 x 8 square meters, vision is connected fully, double open the door, TV wall, the length of the bathroom as well as guest rooms, metope USES pervious to light cloud stone, bath crock also use transparent, electronic shutter, pay attention to taste and value, pay attention to the details of carve, luxurious but not too high cost.


She stressed that the hotel need to do service, improve the consumer experience of housing. Employees show not professional "eight teeth smile", but like chat in the hotel Europe's common GuChangShi, special kind. According to introducing, platinum, on the research into the room card automatic recognition system, after the guest went to card into the elevator, it will automatically to the corresponding floor, the elevator will automatically navigate to the room after, great convenience for the guest's stay. "We build a CRM system, networking management member preferences. Guests can inform hotel in advance, for example, to prepare her use of semen cassiae pillow."


In the high-end hotel market will welcome a climax


Xiao-li lu said, "we are not deliberately choose a line on the hotel location city, because of the relatively saturated, the first-tier cities of second-tier cities points may consider existing potential, we have been in the country and more than a dozen owners signed a contract, including gantry yi in hangzhou and shenzhen futian hotel project has been started. Due to open in the next year's first hotel, the fastest can."


According to introducing, platinum tao fei 2013 plans first open 10 hotels, covering 5-8 cities, 2014 will cover one, two, three line city, in 2016 through 100, covering 10-15 cities, the scale of 2023 will reach 300. Xiao-li lu said, also in the midst of planning in overseas markets.


"Cooperation model, we adopt the industry commonly used mode - working with real estate developers, introducing platinum tao fei nuo as supporting hotel, to speed up the development." According to introducing, platinum tao fei embedding as supporting facilities of small and medium-sized commercial real estate, attentively complete service, soft and hard through the enterprise culture construction, focus on core consumer demand, make the guest room, eventually become the model of high-end enjoy private hotel. "Platinum tao fei, like a bright star in the crown set with precious stones, let whole commercial real estate project yi yi is unripe brightness."


Platinum tao fei's exports mainly operating model based on brand. "We will send the general manager and other core management personnel, help the owner management." Xiao-li lu said.


"Platinum tao fei is a new asset management, the more you do, instead of spending money is less, the lower the unit cost. Because we really pay to place mainly in two pieces, one is the group's management costs of the operation of the hotel brand 2 is our brand promotion costs, shop, the more spread out the two pieces of the less." Xiao-li lu explains.


"High-end hotels in the future development will usher in a new climax, pay attention to the high-end hotel hotel rooms and services segment is the focus of our capital. We are very bullish on platinum tao fei nuo using creativity and consumer interests of the company strategy and brand positioning, the platinum tao are full of confidence for the future development of the Philippines." The Carlyle group managing director zhang said.


Personalized brand hotel is expected to win


Local hotel sword refers to in the high-end market


According to statistics, China represented by three-star hotel mid-range hotel number accounts for nearly 50% of the total national hotel, but poor profitability. In 2011 China star hotel industry overall profit of 6.143 billion yuan, but three-star hotel losses of 613 million yuan; In 2012 China star hotel industry overall profit of 5.046 billion yuan, but three-star hotel losses of 703 million yuan.


According to the China national tourism administration, statistics, in 2012 the country star hotel average profit is: 640 five-star 8.5594 million yuan; 2186 four-star 102500 yuan; Samsung 5379-130700 yuan. 3020 two star 3020 yuan; 142 average profit is 77500 yuan a week.


The national tourism administration and China tourist hotel association statistics show that the national three-star hotel, average house prices in 200 yuan, slightly higher than the budget hotel average house prices, a four-star hotel average house prices are only about 320 yuan. Over the years has been in the condition of small profit even loss.


At present, the courtyard, the United States, novotel, intercontinental wisdom to choose a holiday in a mid-range hotel brands have entered the Chinese market, domestic hotel group "their" as well. Have to mid-range hotel in the market as the core business and chaining try water, such as Vienna, fu yi, orange crystal and cyts shanshui hotel, etc. In addition, also have from budget hotel upgrade, such as jinjiang "capital" and "jubilee he" live, "season", "stars," home "h" and so on; And traditional hotel group, such as kaiyuan kaiyuan man in the hotel, Beijing capital tourism "Tan Ge beauty hotel" and central south coastal green hotel.


A person familiar with the budget hotel operation of the personage inside course of study thinks, in the high-end market, has become the current economy hotel operators and managers and investors is imperative.


However, both home and h, China live full seasons, and stars, still mediocre development for many years, even proudly announced last year by Carlyle's $75 million capital injection of orange crystal has been in development, development of economy hotel up business model is still in groping stage.


Overseas hotel group to speed up the layout


Although China's current market competition pressure, the expansion of overseas hotel group is still in the greater China.


On October 17, luxury hotel operator langham hotel group, guangzhou nan fung lang hao hotel opened in guangzhou pazhou, adhere to the luxury line. All suites are equipped with Bose sound system. Wonderful charm The hotel also has outdoor small golf courses, luxury spa brand "chuan spa.


Hilton worldwide greater China and Mongolia area operations, senior vice President of Li Weihao revealed that Hilton garden hotel in the first quarter of this year after the introduction of greater China, is now nearly double-digit management and development of the signing of the contract. The first project will kick off in early next year in shenzhen baoan, in accordance with the four-star hotel standard construction, guest room number control from 200 to 250.


For developers, Li Weihao said, in the current economic environment, to build a large banquet hall, several restaurants, business may not be satisfied. So it provides the products more efficiency, no matter in construction cost or the total construction cost per square meter, including the area, has narrowed, that is better for developers to digest.


"Is provided by the hotel business travelers is the most need, provide a business center, gym, guests don't need to cut down, cut down the benefits of is to reduce the construction cost of developers, house prices will become more competitive." He believes that the population of China is four times as large as the United States, but there is only a quarter in the United States, star hotel to future hotel industry development space is very large. But the short-term economic fluctuation, the group in China did not affect the long-term strategic layout.


Create personalized brand market differentiation


As international brands to join the rising five-star, super five-star hotels, many a high-end, second-tier cities and super high-end hotel market has began to enter because of the large number of vicious competition, unable to improve the vacancy rate, and high construction costs, labor costs and operating costs, are increasingly extruding five-star, super five-star hotel profits, investment return period is infinite.


In recent years, the same "five-star", "super five-star hotel market, the rapid development of the hotel between segments are not obvious. Therefore, conform to the consumer inner sense of worth, has the character of the hotel brand is a new market opportunity.


Platinum tao fei, vice President of global brand xiao-li lu said that the future competition will be more reflected in the cultural characteristics of the industry, it will be based on the consumer's way of life, spiritual needs of the hotel products, cause consumers to daydream and resonance.


, according to a consumer research for high-end hotels existing high-end hotels lack of humanized management and service of high-end but not caring, has the coldness and distance, lack of initiative concern; Need to focus the value of the hotel in their most objective demand, higher cost performance.


For enterprise middle managers who travel on business, accommodation with intermediate and high comfort room prices more in line with their needs. A frequent business executives said, they are the "frequent flyers" travelling to different cities, usually in the evening came back to hotel, only pay attention to the guest room is equipped with complete, "running outside during the day, the evening want to rest well, the second day early again to see the customer, so I care about most is guest room, the bathroom, bed".


China's tourism research institute of the research results show that an increasing number of tourists on the tourism accommodation products are more willing to choose your own sense of value and brand identity, but is not a simple selection in price and popularity. Whether the creative grasp the consumers' needs and individual character, ability is the core of the company's ability to keep pace with The Times. From made in China to created in China, the national industry continue to upgrade, the company to seek better development under the big trend, it must have The Times call for creative personality is distinct, and creativity, and combining the characteristics of the hotel industry is to be able to continue to create a character, reflects the inner demand of the hotel brand.


Host brand planning company in November 2012 in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen four market survey, more than 80% of no or has not yet come into contact with the target customers like platinum tao fei nuo hotel only focus on building high-end rooms, and omit traditional low utilization in the high-end hotels, more expensive facilities and public areas of the hotel type; Says more than 90% of the customers, the hotel is just what you need, because they often only or fast asleep after dinner back to the hotel, therefore, weaken the lower utilization rate in public areas of the hotel, the hotel value is concentrated in the guest rooms are most needed to build, more cost-effective, more human. More than 95% of customers said like and willing to try this hotel.


Platinum tao fei's hotel prices to $600-1000. Xiao-li lu said, the price of the five-star hotel in 2180 yuan on average, domestic peers is about 1176 yuan, and platinum tao fei within 1000 yuan can do, is to omit unnecessary public facilities, provide super five-star service at the same time, compared with the traditional five-star hotel has obvious price advantage. And platinum tao fei's hotel by the hotel interior design field of the world's top design firms tailor-made, each hotel will have a unique design features.


Huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer, senior economist at Zhao Huanyan believes that the future mid-range hotel brand will be the jungle. Segments in the hospitality industry, the situation in China is standardization, diversification, diversification, characteristic. Standardization in the age of unify the whole country has in the past, diversification, diversification, personalization, specialization is an inevitable trend in the hotel industry in the future.


Mid-range hotel Zhao Huanyan said, the future must reduce unnecessary projects, reduce the hardware cost; In terms of labor costs, reduce the room than; Guest room can be high-end core requirements.