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How can I get the China over the next ten years?

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New the rich man and the old housekeeper, opens the plot in the twenty-first century! However, looking to the future, how can I get the continuation of the hotel industry, is still in the industry in the heart of mystery.

(Michael point net Guo Derong) wanda flagship hotel, a city, green space Germany opened platinum le hotel; Marriott to REITs in order to the hotel cause, kaiyuan just borrow the city real estate property trust bosses have never been so in love with his hotel, hotel giants also has never been so move in real estate. New the rich man and the old housekeeper, opens the plot in the twenty-first century! However, looking to the future, how can I get the continuation of the hotel industry, is still in the industry in the heart of mystery.


Suppose a and hotel property of "race" and "close"


To one hundred, the hotel managers and owners are relationship as husband and wife, love/hate all kinds of drama in succession. Feeling stronger with the Great Wall sheraton hotel Beijing, parted ways with marriott and shenyang owner, and again good have intercontinental Shanghai puxi. It can be said that the hotel owners, management and investment in the investment contract, opening preparation, operation and management of all aspects, such as in game.


In recent years, begin to be infatuated with the hotel industry, real estate giants as decoy to drive up prices. Hotel brand is relying on the real estate investment, enclosure seize market. It should be said that from the big picture, both have their own interests, should get along with each other in harmony. However, the reality is that: China intercontinental announced 179 hotels under construction, 2 years new recruit 110000 employees; Wanda is expected to reach 55 hotel for this year, the year after the total number of breakthroughs in 100. Spectators feel strange, one is the international hotel brands, one is the domestic real estate giant companies, why the path taken almost unanimously?


In 2012, intercontinental announced the release of the Chinese version for brand HuaYi wanda main mandarin, ka wah, ruihua series, looking like a competitor screamed. The truth behind this, what is?


As early as 2008 during the financial crisis, Mr Wang has vowed to shift from cultural, tourism and retail commercial real estate. Here the logic is simple, the hotel to solve the needs of guest accommodation, entertainment theater has solved the guests needs, business super, meet the need of the public life. Just think, you want to go out for a spin on the weekend, a wanda plaza is enough?


Similarly, in the face of the next ten years of vigorous development of China's tourism market, brand hotel in innovation, adapt to change. 2000 years ago, the holiday inn foreign nationals may be more than half; In 2013, the proportion of not more than 20% in most of the holiday inn. This is the change of the market!


Rather than wanda real estate business in and intercontinental hotel brands such as fighting, than in the robbery. Chinese pay attention to eat, live, line, and service oriented hotel occupies two seats. Obviously, not only the hotel and real estate, like wenzhou rich second generation, shanxi old miners, also have to join the battle.


Suppose 2, mid-range hotel market in the future is not just a dream


Although the international brand more focused on high-end layout, but there are 8 such exceptions. Look at the old domestic brands, jin jiang, system integration and overseas expansion.


However, more and more the personage inside course of study found that compared with the international high-end market brand strong-arm reaction drawn, eating into a piece of the low end of the market economy brands, in Vienna, the market seems to be only a brand occupies the hill, and none of them has happened!


Hyatt hotel management group vice President of greater China chief Sharon's words is worth thinking about: "in the Chinese hotel market, like a dumbbell shape, high-end and economy much more special, the very thin in the end, with the development of the Chinese middle class, the future will become the olive shape of the market, in the end there will be more opportunities." Institute of China's tourism research results also showed that 40% of the entry for the night travelers and 25% of domestic overnight tourists on the tourism accommodation products are willing to choose in the hotel.


Hilton announced a mid-range brand garden hotel opened in China next year, pudding low-key launch Zhotels sunline hotel, cyts Tours the mid-range brand landscape fashion brewing power... Today, in the end of the market is no longer the individual hotel's worlds, whether by sunrise. Brand hotels are transfer the battlefield into the new position, especially with economical brand. Home inns launched early and h, China live full seasons, star cheng, jubilee he three-pronged, platinum tao is 7 days with 4 dah sing brand jolt. Their goal is only one, the hotel market in the end.


Volkswagen group of consumption, from basic accommodation requirements, upgraded to a certain spiritual enjoyment. Is famous for its service industry, the smell is not only the personalized needs of customers, there is a new opportunity. To meet consumers on the service requirements of mid-market hotels layout is far way to go for. And that will also reflect the difference of the market competition, and generate the final new winners!


Three, the crossover experience and service in order to grasp the "heart"


Accor group, announced that the two business hotel services and investment operations, redefine group business model; Beijing capital tourism hotel and then renamed "Beijing capital tourism real estate", the official hotel "brand management" and "their" business. If the enclosure is described as a "siege", so the hotel service is "guarding city". In the face of a vast mid-market, how to contact the hotel bosses deliberate focus.


In the early 1980 s, the famous American futurists toffler published in the "third wave" of forecast, the scale operation of industrialization era will be diversification, diversification and individuation of information age. Today, the theme hotel, boutique hotel with "small but beautiful, pure heart" for all look good. Huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer, senior economist at Zhao Huanyan also thinks, the hotel industry the development trend of the future will be from standardization to personalization. "The era of standardization of unify the whole country is in the past, diversification, diversification, personalization, specialization is the inevitable trend, the performance of the hotel industry will be even more significant."


Vienna, adhere to the "five-star experience, two star consumption", the main music art; Novotel location requires the transportation is convenient, save time and on time, international network coverage; Platinum tao fei's emphasis on private accommodation environment, 喆, brown wants to meet the needs of business travellers to social, beautiful maple spiritual enlightenment to the guest, ZMAX is let users enjoy the lohas. Whether it has been in the market have a certain status of Vienna, novotel, or newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger 喆, coffee, beautiful maple and ZMAX, personalized service the enough time.


喆, brown, for example, the hotel room is given priority to with elegant, retro, warm color department, 24-hour coffee shop, coffee type check in, open book, surf the Internet area, LED media, Europe type furnace wall, the different artistic furnishing articles such as foil, coupled with intelligent coffee corner, small book, different lighting mode choice and wireless wifi high-tech facilities, such as to make the customer's travel has also become a kind of fun to live with, and heart to taste the coffee every journey there.


Now, high-end hotel and budget hotel market is still a key battleground of brand competition, and in the end of the market in customer demand, market value, investment into three "carriage", under the drive of the next 10 years, or will face the golden opportunity of development, also is bound to trigger a new round of reform of Chinese hotel forms. Only grasp the mid-market consumer demand, can in the next decade, and the survival and development. 

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