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Beautiful maple hotel muntari: set up 150 stores in three years

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Mr Zheng, He Boquan, actis and other original shareholders, 7 days together Carlyle and sequoia capital formed a platinum tao hotel group, and four high-end hotel brand. Beautiful maple is one of hotel brand positioning comfortable cultural proposition, how beautiful maple brand charm show? Market space and have how old? Recently, the reporter interviewed li maple hotel development vice President Mr Muntari.

7 days to complete. Mr Zheng, He Boquan, actis and 7 days of the original shareholders, hand in hand to the world famous investment fund Carlyle group and sequoia capital jointly formed the platinum tao hotel group, and four high-end hotel brand. Maple is the culture of hotel brand positioning comfort, will be differentiated competition in hotel market in the end, how beautiful maple brand charm show? Market space and have how old? Recently, the reporter interviewed on these problems to the beautiful maple hotel development vice President Mr Muntari.


Reporter: Sue always hello! Before entering the platinum tao group you in different fields such as pharmaceutical industry, KTV entertainment have good development. Why choose in the hotel industry?


Boss: what kind of industry is opportunity for me to choose is also opportunity. In the domestic hotel market has great development in the next few years, China is now in the class there are about more than ten thousand hotels, but none of them in the true sense has the stationing of chain brand all over the country, to this platform to do beautiful maple platinum tao hotel group the project, I think it's a good chance.




Reporter: comfortable culture in addition to the household articles for use and the embodiment of the environment to create beautiful maple hotel can also provides consumers with what features? You mentioned the "home" back "home" in particular is a what kind of concept?


Muntari: beautiful maple features from the moment of customers into the store is fully embodied.


First of all, the feeling of our lobby is more like a coffee shop, customers into the shop, we will let the customer to sit down and the waiter will reach customer specify it drinks, and then take it to the customer to choose room, floor, front, and a brief introduction to the client, to help customers after checking in. The whole process, the customer just sitting on the sofa waiting for rest. For business customers, maple the lobby has WIFI coverage, each table can have USB interface or the power supply, access to the Internet or chat will have a private space.


In addition, in terms of room service, we also provide customers with the mini-bar consumption of snacks and drinks. But with the traditional hotel sales food common, the price is too expensive, the beautiful maple mini-bar sales are all imported products, but in terms of price even lower than traditional hotel.


The other is what I just said the "home" to "home". A lot of customers in the hotel will feel hotel one thing particularly good, have the urge to want to take it home. Products are used by li maple hotel brand products, including mattresses, bedding, pillow, bath products can be sold to customers, and by the advantage of the beautiful maple collective procurement, the prices of these goods is much lower than the market sales price, customers can need according to his own selective purchase.


Through the beautiful maple independent member system, beautiful maple members can enjoy the discount of each consumer. As membership service upgrade, still can enjoy the service of airport pick up, car rental and other services, the service is among the escalating.


Reporter: we know just now is Doris maple hotel features, these aspects can make beautiful maple in the peer competition highlights its brand personality, also can see the beautiful maple on differentiation competition of kung fu. In addition, join platinum tao's beautiful maple brand and join a single chain hotel brands have what different? Why investors choose to join the beautiful maple?


Muntari: China's most dynamic quick hotel market belongs to the hotel, 7 days, home inns, hanting stores across the country have more than 1500, is basically three pillar. The hotel market in the next three to five years will be very competitive, many investors also are optimistic about the market. For beautiful maple, we want to get ahead in the beginning, and in the future and still fall behind, competitors will fluctuation full time is in differentiated competition.


Some of we still break the traditional hotel management mode and concept to face the competition of the market. Such as I just mentioned mini-bar, bring home "home", also the function of the lobby with sales of drinks, cakes, lunch, etc., in the convenience of our customers at the same time for our franchisees are able to increase the profit. Investment beautiful maple in the occupancy rate, we can do better than others more high profits.


In addition, the beautiful maple with platinum tao group natural resources advantage, 7 days hotel after eight years of development has accumulated 70 million members across the country, with the improving of the member of the career, there is a part of people has been increased from the original budget hotel consumption demand to consumer demand for mid-range hotel, 70 million 7 day members assume that 10% of mid-range hotel demand also can have 7 million people. These beautiful maple member resources can be Shared.


7 days now has nearly 1900 stores across the country, of which more than 500 stores, other are its franchisees. Many franchisees by investing in 7 days, compared to the character of the seven days, the management of it is assured that now also has a group of end products, all for such a product is more attention. Beautiful maple so far has signed a contract with 20 or under construction in the hotel, there are part of this is done before 7 days of franchisees, and team management for 7 days is trust. For other investors, it is also a good reference.


Reporter: platinum tao group was established formally announced in July this year, after nearly four months of preparation time, beautiful maple hotel in domestic points so far? In the near future there will be how to development plan?


Boss: we are on July 17, announced the formation of platinum tao to foreign hotel group, by the middle of August before going into the contract stage, beautiful maple hotel has signed a contract and so far in the hotel has a near 20, the stationing including sanya, zhuhai, guangzhou, shenzhen, xuzhou, Beijing, tianjin, chengdu, xi 'an, baoji, wuhan and so on more than ten cities. Plan in the next three years the stationing 150 stores across the country, 300. The first branch will be at the end of December, xi 'an, tianjin, xuzhou opened in zhuhai.


Beautiful maple mainly through four areas in the three years of planning to complete the stationing, is southeast northwest direction: the east is east China; North in Beijing as the center of the northern region; The west is chengdu, xian, shaanxi area; South is the south China, the pearl river delta region. North and south is the key area we are two of the largest, but the east and west, we also have putting the emphasis is given priority to with the south, after all, our home here.


Reporter: for investors is choosing a hotel project what advice do you have to give to them?


Boss: I would suggest they look at the brand, the brand is the brand of independent brand or group, who is investment, see its subsequent development ability, choose a good partner is critical; In addition to see whether the brand hotel management mode and management idea, if the chain has no characteristic, I suggest don't do it, it is easy to be flooded the market. Other people when doing the investment must have an overall budget, how long will it take to recover the cost to have a simple market research, to the investment concept.


Reporter: at present platinum tao value in the development of the market, which is based on the factors to consider?


Muntari: mid-range hotel market opportunity is also obvious, many consumers now go out hotel is not to say that companies such as blindly just on a business trip expenses, they have a higher quality pursue, in addition, there are a lot of is travel accommodation requirements with family go out to play. They need a comfortable, service better hotel, but the price is not so expensive, but on the market on the lack of such hotel chains have personalities in the class. Although there are some hotels in toward this direction, but the speed is very slow.


A stranger only monomer hotel brand to give consumers trust apparently is not enough, so we choose either 7 days, hanting the economy hotel, or it's high-end, mid-range hotel demand is very big, but the consumer at the time of actual choice, because without the leading brand in the end, the demand has been suppressed.


Reporter: beautiful maple as platinum tao group, positioning and comfortable hotel brands in the end of culture, its characteristic is mainly manifested in where?


Muntari: beautiful maple hotel features around the feeling of "home" to do, home is the most relaxing, most people feel comfortable a place, beautiful maple belongs to "home" and beyond "home", also can put the "home" to "home". We make it through the feeling of "home" culture of a comfortable, around the "comfort" to do all the products.


We will choose some brands home decoration products, such as our mattress USES is mousse mattress, it is a high-end brand products, the top three in the mattress industry. And our bath products, is also a special custom came back from France, it has unique aroma, can stay for more than four hours in the human body, and is safe, quality beyond bath products that sell on the market. In addition, the beautiful maple hotel can also through the voice of nature to allocate during sleep, indoor air purification system generates negative ions and exclusive fragrance fragrance can a healthy breathing, fully relax, all you can enjoy the comfort of home and can improve the work of your living environment we are committed to doing, because our idea is to create a comfortable culture, so whether big or details, such as carpet, the hotel's overall visual effect, can let the consumer feel comfortable beautiful maple unique culture.