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uhan Wanda Westin Hotels Matching Kinhao JK-2 Electric Kettle

Number of visits: Date:2011-12-05 09:09

Kinhao who is the first company introduced the electric kettle into hotel room have been accepted by some High Star Hotels because of adopt UK.Thermo control STRIX with trebling safety protection device and use Korea SAMSUNG food grade plastic of FDA authentication.Some palstic manufacturers in order to achive the superiority in price competition adopt the low cost regenerated plastics,this kind of palstic not only do harm for guest health,but also influenced the whole plastic electric kettle reputation.

When the stainless steel electric kettle is popular today, plastic kettle whether has already been forgotten by us?Now this is the part of hotels response that International Hi-end Brand Westin Hotel matchong Kinhao JK-2 Plastic Electric Kettle.

Central China's first super five-star hotel--Wuhan Wanda Westin Hotel in central China is hardware facilities best, the best sports brand hotel,Wuhan Wanda Westin Hotel is jointly produce by Wanda Group and one of the three major hotel magnate Starwood Group.The Hotel located in Wuhan Inner Core Areas,Wuhan Wanda Centre,Lijiang Avenue,Jiyuqiao,Wuhan.Next to Wuhan a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the benchmarking wanda residence.The hotel is located on the coast of the changjiang, having a broad field of vision, the Yangtze river from the magnificent scenery, the natural landscape is superior.